45 Productions

This is a discography of 45 singles produced by James Brown.

YearArtistA Side/B SideLabelCat. #
1959James DavisDoodle Bee/Bucket HeadFederalF12360
1959Nat Kendrick and the SwansMashed Potatoes, Part 1/Mashed Potatoes, Part 2DadeD1804
1960Baby LloydI Need Love/Wait and SeeAtco6175
1960Nat Kendrick and the SwansDish Rag, Part 1/Dish Rag, Part 2DadeD1808
1960Nat Kendrick and the SwansSlowdown/Hot ChileDadeD1812
1961Nat Kendrick and the SwansWobble Wobble, Part 1/Wobble Wobble, Part 2Dade?
1961Nat Kendrick and the SwansPig Eyes, Part 1/Pig Eyes, Part 2Lite RecordsL9001
1962Johnnie & BillOn My Way to School (Version 1)/On My Way to School (Version 2)FederalF12479
1962Yvonne FairI Found You/If I KnewKingK5594
1962Yvonne FairTell Me Why/Say So LongKingK5654
1962Yvonne FairIt Hurts To Be in Love/You Can Make It If You TryKingK5687
1963The Poets (JB and Band)Devil's Den, Part 1/Devil's Den, Part 2Try MeTM28006
1963Johnny & BillThis Is My Story/No, No, NoTry Me28002
1963Hank BallardIt's Love, Baby (24 Hours a Day)/Those Lonely Lonely FeelingsKingK5798
1963Bobby ByrdI Found Out/They Are Sayin'FederalF12486
1963Bobby ByrdI'm Just a Nobody, Part 1/I'm Just a Nobody, Part 2SmashS1868
1963Yvonne FairStraighten Up/Say Yeah Yeah YeahDadeD1851
1963Anna KingIf Somebody Told you/Come and Get These MemoriesSmashS1858
1963Tammy MontgomeryI Cried/If You Don't ThinkTry Me28001
1964The EpicsThe Bells Are Ringing/There'll Be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of DoverMercury72283
1964James CrawfordFarther On Up the Road/When Loneliness Knocks at Your DoorMercury72282
1964James CrawfordMuch Too Much/Strung outMercury72347
1964King KeelsWondering, Wondering, Wondering/I Hear Love BellsKingK5969
1964Elsie MaeAll of Me/Whole Lot of Lovin'SmashS1953
1964Bobby ByrdI Love You So/Write Me a LetterSmashS1903
1964The Five RoyalsBaby, Don't Do It/Like It Like ThatSmashS1936
1964Bobby ByrdI Got a Girl/I'm LonelySmashS1928
1964Anna King and Bobby BrydBaby Baby Bay, with Bobby Byrd/Baby Baby Baby (Instrumental)SmashS1884
1964Anna KingIf You Don't Think/Make Up Your MindSmashS1904
1964Anna KingCome On Home/Sittin' in the DarkSmashS1942
1964Anna KingThat's When I Cry/Tennessee WaltzSmashS1970
1964Ramsey SistersIt's All Over But The Tears/Tell Him GirlSmashS1889
1964Bill PinkneyI Do the Jerk/Don't Call MeFontanaS1956
1964Vicki AndersonMy Man/I Won't Be BackFontanaS1822
1964Al Brisco ClarkSoul Food, Parts 1 and 2FontanaS1909
1965Dizzy JonesUnexplainable/Come On and Love MeBlue RockB4024
1965The JewelsThis Is My Story/Papa Left Mama Holding the BagDynamiteD2000
1965Baby LloydThere's Something on Your Mind, Part 1/There's Something on Your Mind, Part 2Loma2014
1965Yvonne FairTell Me Why/You Can Make It If You TryKingK6017
1965The Five RoyalsNever Turn you Back/FaithSmashS1963
1965Bobby ByrdWe're in Love/No One Like My BabySmashS1964
1965Bobby ByrdThe Way I Feel/Time Will Make a ChangeSmashS1984
1965Bobby ByrdLet Me Know/You're Gonna Need My Lovin'SmashS2003
1965James CrawfordI Don't Care, I Don't Care, I Don't Care/Help Poor MeMercury72393
1965James CrawfordIf You Don't Work you Can't Eat/Stop and Think It OverMercury72441
1965James CrawfordGot No Excuse/Hooray for the Child Who Has Its OwnBlue RockB4033
1965Vicki AndersonI Love You/Nobody CaresSmashS1985
1965Vicki AndersonNever, Never, Never Let You Go, Part 1/Never, Never, Never Let You Go, Part 1FontanaF1527
1965Walter FosterWaitin'/Your Search Is OverLomaL2018
1965Bobby Bennett and the DynamicsSoul Jerk, Parts 1 and 2LomaL2016
1965The James Brown Dancers (The Dapps)It's a Gas, Parts 1 and 2King
1966Elsie MaeDo You Really Want to Rescue Me?, Part 1/Do You Really Want to Rescue Me?, Part 2KingK6022
1966Mike WilliamsSomething You Didn't Done/You Don't Want Me AroundKingK6067
1966Kay RobinsonIn the Bosom of the Lord/This Old WorldFederalF12550
1966Kay RobinsonLord I'm Yours/This Old WorldFederalF12553
1966Vicki AndersonI Can't Let You Go, Part 1/I Can't Let You Go, Part 2New BreedNB1102
1966Vicki AndersonWide Awake in A Dream/Nobody CaresDeLuxeDL6201
1966Vicki AndersonYou Send Me/Within My HeartKingK6066
1966The JewellsLookie Lookie Lookie/Smokey Joe'sKingK6068
1966Yvonne FairBaby Baby Baby/Just as Sure (As You Play, You Must Pay)SmashS2030
1966Bobby ByrdOh What a Night/Lost in the Mood of ChangesSmashS2018
1966Bobby ByrdLet Me Know/Ain't No UseSmashS2052
1966The Swanee QuintetTry Me Father/That's the SpiritCrescent5180
1966Rev. Willingham And His SwaneesThat's The Spirit/Try Me FatherFederalF12542
1966Dizzy JonesWhy Me?/Just As Sure (As You Play, You Must Pay)New BreedNB1101
1966Irma ThomasIt's a Man's - Woman's World, Part 1/It's a Man's - Woman's World, Part 2Imperial66178
1966James CrawfordHonest I Do, Part 1/Honest I Do, Part 2OmenO12
1967June SimsTell the Whole World/I CriedKingK6070
1967King ColemanThe Boo Boo Song (Part 1)/The Boo Boo Song (Part 2)KingK6085
1967The JewelsThis Is My Story/My SongFederalF12541
1967Vicki AndersonThink, with James Brown/Nobody CaresKingK6091
1967Vicki AndersonIf You Don't Give Me What I Want/Tears of JoyKingK6109
1967Vicki AndersonBaby, Don't You Know/The Feeling is RealKingK6138
1967James CrawfordStone Fox/Hold It (Instrumental)KingK6103
1967James CrawfordI'll Work It Out/Fat Eddie (Instrumental)KingK6130
1967Lee AustinTwo Sided Love/I'm MadKingK6093
1967Hank BallardYou're in Real Good Hands/Unwind YourselfKingK6119
1967Hank BallardWhich Way Should I Turn?/Funky Soul TrainKingK6131
1967Bobby ByrdI Found Out/I'll Keep On Pressing OnKingK6096
1967Bobby ByrdFunky Soul, Part 1/Funky Soul, Part 2KingK6096
1967Marva WhitneyYour Love Was Good for Me/Saving My Time for My BabyFederalF12545
1967Marva WhitneyIf You Love Me/Your Love Was Good for MeKingK6124
1968The Soul Believers and the DappsNobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen/I'm With YouKingK6200
1968Clay TysonMan on the Moon/You Don't Know What I WantKingK6209
1968June SimsThe the Whole World (Reissue)/I Cried (Reissue)KingK6161
1968The Dapps, Featuring Alfred EllisBringing Up the Guitar/Gittin' a Little HipperKingK6147
1968The Dapps, Featuring Alfred EllisThere Was a Time/The Rabbit Got the GunKingK6169
1968Alfred "Pee Wee" EllisLittle Green Apples/Come On In This HouseKingK6199
1968Vicki AndersonYou've Got the Power, With James Brown/What the World Needs Now Is KingK6152
1968Bobby Byrd & Vicki AndersonHere Is My Everything/Loving YouABCABC11134
1968Vicki AndersonI'll Work It Out/What the World Needs Now Is LoveKingK6221
1968Lee AustinTwo-Sided Love (Reissue)/I'm Mad (Reissue)KingK6161
1968The JewelsNever Find a Love Like Mine, as the Brownettes/Baby, Don't You Know?, as the BrownettesKingK6153
1968Hank BallardCome On Wit' It/I'm Back to StayKingK6177
1968Hank BallardHow You Gonna Get Respect/Teardrops on Your LetterKingK6196
1968Bobby ByrdYou've Got To Change Your Mind - PROMOKingK6342
1968Bobby ByrdYou've Got to Change Your Mind, with James Brown/I'll Loose My MindKingK6151
1968Bobby ByrdMy Concerto/You Gave My Heart a Brand New Song to SingKingK6165
1968Kay RobinsonTry Me, Father/What a FeelingKingK6182
1968Marva WhitneyUnwind Yourself/If You Love MeKingK6146
1968Marva WhitneyYour Love Was Good for Me/What Kind of ManKingK6158
1968Marva WhitneyThings Got to Get Better (Get Together)/What Kind of ManKingK6168
1968Marva WhitneyI'll Work it Out/All My Love Belongs to YouKingK6181
1968Marva WhitneyI'm Tired, I'm Tired, I'm Tired/If You Love MeKing6193
1968Marva WhitneyWhat Do I Have to Do to Prove My Love to You/Your Love Was Good for MeKingK6202
1968Marva WhitneyTit for Tat/In the Middle (Instrumental)KingK6206
1969The DappsI'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/A Woman, A Lover, A FriendKingK6201
1969The Dapps, with Beau DollarI'm Read, I'm Ready (I Got Me Some Soul)/At the Dark End of the StreetKingK6241
1969Hank BallardYou're So Sexy (The Dapps)/Thrill on the Hill (The Dapps)KingK6215
1969Hank BallardWith Your Sweet Lovin' Self/Are You Lonely for Me, Baby?KingK6228
1969Hank BallardButter Your Popcorn/Funky Soul TrainKingK6244
1969Hank BallardBlackenized/Come On Wit' ItKingK6246
1969Florence FarmerLiving Legend, Part 1/Living Legend, Part 2BethlehemB3091
1969The De VonsNever Find a Love Like Mine/Someone to Treat Me (The Way You Used To)KingK6226
1969Alfred "Pee Wee" EllisIn the Middle (Part 1)/In the Middle (Part 2) KingK6214
1969Marva WhitneyYou've Got to Have a Job, with James Brown/I'm Tired, I'm Tired, I'm TiredKingK6218
1969Marva WhitneyIt's My Thing/Ball of FireKingK6229
1969Marva WhitneyThings Got to Get Better (Get Together)/Get Out of My LifeKingK6249
1969Marva WhitneyI Made a Mistake Because It's Only You, Part 1/I Made a Mistake Because It's Only You, Part 2KingK6268
1969The New Dapps (The JB's)More Mess on My Thing, Parts 1 and 2KingK6271
1969Vicki AndersonAnswer to Mother Popcorn(I Got a Mother for You)/I'll Work it OutKingK6251
1969Vicki AndersonI Want To Be in the Land of Milk and Honey/Wide Awake in a DreamKingK6274
1969Lee AustinTurn Me Loose/RespectKingK6247
1969Bill DoggettHonky Tonk (Instrumental)/Honky Tonk Popcorn (Instrumental)KingK6239
1969Clay TysonMan on the Moon (Reissue)/You Don't Know What I Want (Reissue)KingK6281
1969Carolyn BlakeyTomorrow's Child/Man Came Down from the MountainKingK6284
1969The Sisters of RighteousMy Man Is Gone/That's How I FeelKingK6242
1969The Dee Felice TrioIn Heat/Wichita LinemanBethlehemB3093
1969The Dee Felice TrioThere Was a Time/NeverBethlehemB3094
1969The Dee Felice TrioOh, Happy Day (Instrumental)/There Was a Time (Instrumental)BethlehemB3095
1969Charles SpurlingThat's My Zone (He's Pickin' On) / Let Me Be (A Steppin' Soul)KingK6195
1969Charles Spurling Popcorn Charlie/Buddy BoyKingK6267
1970Bobby ByrdHang Ups We Don't Need (The Hungry We Got to Feed)/You Gave My Heart a Brand New Song to SingKingK6289
1970Bobby ByrdIt's I Who Loves You(Not Him Anymore)/I'm Not to BlameKing6308
1970Bobby ByrdI Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone), Part 1/I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone), Part 2KingK6323
1970Bobby ByrdIf You Don't Work You Can't Eat/You've Got to Change Your Mind, with James BrownKingK6342
1970The JB'sThe Grunt, Parts 1 and 2KingK6317
1970The JB'sThese Are the JB's, Parts 1 and 2KingK6333
1970Kay RobinsonLord Will Make a Way Somehow, Part 1/Got To Keep On TravellingKingK6316
1970The Dapps, with Beau DollaWho Knows (Instrumental)r/Where the Soul Trees GrowKingK6286
1970The Sisters of RighteousIs My Lovin' Too Slow?/That's How I FeelKingK6294
1970The SolarsHere's My Heart/Nobody Know But My Baby and MeKingK6295
1970Mayor Ronnie ThompsonSittin' on the Dock of the Bay/It Couldn't Happen AgainStarday45-892
1970The DeterminationsGirl, Girl, Girl/Bing BongKingK6297
1970Wendy LynnTry Me/I Can RememberKingK6306
1970Roberta and the Sisters of RighteousHold On to What You Got/My Man Is GoneKingK6324
1970Vicki AndersonLet It Be Me with James Brown/Baby Don't You KnowKingK6293
1970Vicki AndersonNo More Heartaches, No More Pain/Never Find a Love Like MineKingK6314
1970Vicki Anderson as Myra BarnesThe Message from the Soul Sisters, Part 1/The Message from the Soul Sisters, Part 2KingK6334
1970Vicki Anderson as Myra BarnesSuper Good, Part 1/Super Good, Part 2KingK6344
1970Lee AustinSteal Away/YesterdayKingK6291
1970The Famous FlamesWho Am I?/Nobody Knows But My Baby and MeKingK6341
1971Carlton "King" ColemanRock Gospel Mash/The Boo Boo Song, Part 1KingK6365
1971Jimmy BraswellYour Love Is Out of Reach/I Can't Give You My HeartKingK6374
1971Roberta DuBoisWho Am I?/Hold On to What You GotKingK6375
1971The FlamesStand Up and Be Counted/My Lonely HourPeoplePE600
1971Lyn CollinsJust Won't Do Right/The Wheels of LifePolydorPD14107
1971Kay RobinsonAmazing Grace,with the Charles Fold Singers/This Old WorldKingK6362
1971Bobby ByrdI Know You Got Soul/It's I Who Love You (Not Him Anymore)KingK6378
1971Bobby ByrdHot Pants, I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming/Hang It UpBrownstoneB4203
1971Bobby ByrdKeep on Doin' What You're Doin'/Let Me KnowBrownstoneB4205
1971The JB'sMy Brother, Part 1 and 2PeopleP2502
1971The Believers (The JB's)Across the Track, Parts 1 and 2BrownstoneB4201
1971The Sons of Funk (The JB's)From the Back Side, Parts 1 and 2KingK6398
1971The JB'sGimme Some More/The Rabbit Got the GunPeoplePE602
1971Vicki AndersonYesterday King PROMOK6377
1971Vicki AndersonYesterday (Live)/Message for the Soul SistersKingK6377
1971Vicki AndersonI'm Too Tough for Mr. Big Stuff/In the Land of Milk and Honey (Unissued)PeopleP2505
1971Vicki AndersonI'm Too Tough for Mr. Big Stuff (Hot Pants)/Sound Funky (Instrumental)BrownstoneB4202
1971Vicki AndersonI'll Work It Out/In the Land of Milk and HoneyBrownstoneB4204
1971Lee AustinPut Something on Your Mind/Screwdriver (Instrumental)International BrothersI801
1971Hank BallardAnnie Had a Baby/Teardrops on Your LetterPeoplePE604
1972Johnny ScottenI'm Not Tired Yet/I'm Not Tired YetBuddah328
1972Shirley Jean and RelationsPeople Make the World a Better Place/If I Had a Man Like YouPeoplePE601
1972Clay Tysen, with James BrownMoonman/Ring Around the TubIdentifyID8001
1972The JB'sHot Pants Road/Pass the PeasPeoplePE607
1972The JB's Givin' Up Food For Funk, Part 1 and 2PeoplePE610
1972Fred Wesley and the JB'sBack Stabbers/JB ShoutPeoplePE616
1972Fred Wesley and the JB'sEverybody Plays the Fool/Use MePeoplePE616
1972Bobby ByrdIf You Got a Love You Better (Hold on to It)/You've Got To Change Your MindBrownstoneB4206
1972Bobby ByrdNever Get Enough/My ConcertoBrownstonsB4208
1972Bobby ByrdNever Get Enough/Sayin’ It and Doin’ It Is Two Different ThingsBrownstoneB4209
1972Lyn CollinsOh Uncle Sammy/Ain't No SunshinePolydorPD14119
1972Lyn CollinsThink (About It)/Ain't No SunshinePeoplePE608
1972Lyn CollinsMe and My Baby Got Out Own Thing Going/I'll Never Let You Break My Heart AgainPeoplePE615
1972Lyn CollinsWhat My Baby Needs Now, with James Brown/This Guy's (Girl's) in Love with YouPolydorPD14157
1972Vicki AndersonDon't Throw Your Love in the Garbage CanBrownstoneB4207
1972Lee AustinGimme Your Hand/MoonlightPeoplePE609
1972Lee AustinReal Woman/Gimme your HandPeoplePE612
1972Hank BallardFinger Poppin' Time/With Your Sweet Lovin' SelfPeoplePE606
1972Hank BallardFrom the Love Side/Finger Poppin' TimePolydorPD14128
1972Hank BallardGonna Get a Thrill, Part 1/Gonna Get a Thrill, Part 2 (Unissued)PolydorPD14166
1972Hank BallardGonna Get a Thrill, Part 1/Gonna Get a Thrill, Part 2 (Unissued)IdentifyID8002
1973Bobby ByrdI Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone)/Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (Live)BrownstoneB4210
1973Martha HighTry Me/Georgy GirlPeoplePE625
1973Sly, Slick and WickedSho' Nuff/Ready for YouPeoplePE625
1973Fred Wesley and the JB'sWatermelon Man/Alone Again NaturallyPeoplePE617
1973Fred Wesley and the JB'sSportin' Life/Dirty HarriPeoplePE619
1973Fred Wesley and the JB'sDoing It to Death/Everybody Got SoulPeoplePE621
1973Maceo and the MacksParrty, Parts 1 and 2PeoplePE624
1973Fred Wesley and the JB'sIf You Don't Get It the First Time/You Can Have Your WatergatePeoplePE627
1973Maceo and the MacksSoul Power '74, Parts 1 and 2PeoplePE631
1973Fred Wesley and the JB'sSame Beat, Part 1/Same Beat, Part 1 & 2PeoplePE632
1973Lee AustinThe Truth/MoonlightPeoplePE620
1973Lee AustinTutti Frutti/MoonlightPolydorPD14195
1973Lyn CollinsMama Feelgood/Fly Me to the MoonPeoplePE618
1973Lyn CollinsHow Long Can I Keep It Up?, Part 1/How Long Can I Keep It Up?, Part 2PeoplePE623
1973Lyn CollinsTake Me Just as I Am/People Make the World a Better PlacePeoplePE626
1973Lyn CollinsWe Want to Parrty, Parrty, Parrty/You Can't Beat Two People in LovePeoplePE630
1974The ProgressorsThe Brother's Under Pressure/I'm So LonelyPeoplePE642
1974The InsidersIn the Midnight Hour/Lonely TeardropsPeoplePE644
1974Maceo and the MacksI Can Play For (Just You and Me)/Doing It to DeathPeoplePE634
1974The Last WordKeep on Bumping Before You Give Out of Gas/Funky and SomePolydorPD14226
1974The DevilsThe X-Sorcist/Hip Hug-HerPeoplePE637
1974Fred Wesley and the JB'sDamn Right I Am Somebody, Parts 1 and 2PeoplePE638
1974MaceoDrowning in the Sea of Love/Show and TellPeoplePE640
1974Fred Wesley and the JB'sRockin' Funky Watergate, Part 1/Rockin' Funky Watergate, Part 1 and 2PeoplePE643
1974The First FamilyControl (People Go Where We Send You), Parts 1 and 2PolydorPD14250
1974Fred Wesley and the JB'sLittle Boy Black/Rockin' Funky Watergate, Part 2PeoplePE646
1974Maceo and the MacksCross the Track (We Better Go Back)/The Soul of a Black ManPeoplePE647
1974Fred and the New JB'sBreakin' Bread/Funky Music Is My StylePeoplePE648
1974Lee AustinI'm in Love/MoonlightPeoplePE635
1974Lee AustinI'm a Man/Gimme Your HandPolydorPD14195
1974Lyn CollinsDon't Make Me Over/Take Me Just as I AmPeoplePE633
1974Lyn CollinsGive It Up or Turnit a Loose/What the World Needs Now Is LovePeoplePE636
1974Lyn CollinsRock Me Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again/Wide Awake in a DreamPeoplePE641
1974Sweet CharlesSoul Man/Why Can't I Be Treated Like a ManPeoplePE639
1974Sweet CharlesDedicated to the One I Love/Give the Woman a ChancePeoplePE645
1974Johnny ScottonYou Don't Wanna Do Nothin', Do You?/Win Your Love for MePeoplePE649
1975Fred and the New JB'sMakin' Love/Rice 'n' RibsPeoplePE648
1975Sweet CharlesI Won't Last a Day Without You/I'll Never Let You Break My Heart AgainPeoplePE653
1975Sweet CharlesHang Out and Hustle/TogotherPeoplePE656
1975Johnny the ManWin Your Love for Me/A Change Is Gonna ComeInternational BrothersIB903
1975A.A.B.B. (Above Average Black Band)Pick Up the Pieces One by One/C.O.L.D.IdentifyID8003
1975Lyn CollinsYou Can't Love Me, If You Don't Respect Me/Rock Me Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and AgainPeoplePE650
1975Lyn CollinsHow Long Can I Keep It Up?/Baby, Don't Do ItPeoplePE659
1975Lyn CollinsIf You Don't Know Me By Now/Baby, Don't Do ItPeoplePE659
1975Fred and the New JB'sThank You for Lettin' Me Be Myself and Be Yours, Parts 1 and 2PeoplePE654
1975Fred and the New JB's(It's Not the Express) It's the JB's Monaurail, Pars 1 and 2PeoplePE655
1975The HustlersHustling/Soft HustlePeoplePE658
1975The JB'sThank You for Lettin’ Me Be Myself and You be Yours (Part I)/Thank You for Lettin’ Me Be Myself and You be Yours (Part II)PeoplePE660
1975MaceoFuture Shock (Dance Your Pants Off) Part 1/Future Shock (Dance your Pants Off) Part 2PeoplePE661
1975Ronnie MillerI Owe You LovePolydorPD14272
1975Vicki Anderson as Momie-oYou're Welcome, Stop on By/Once You Get StartedIdentifyID8004
1975Lee AustinMissin' You/Gimme Your HandIdentifyID8005
1975Lee AustinGeorgia Peach, Part 1/Georgia Peach, Part 2PolydorPD14500
1976Lyn CollinsMr. Big Stuff/Rock Me Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and AgainPeoplePE662
1976The JB'sAll Aboard the Soul Funky Train/Thank You for Lettin' Me Be Myself, Part 2PeoplePE663
1976The JB's with James BrownEverybody Wanna Get Funky One More Time, Parts 1 and 2PeoplePE664
1976JB's WedgeBessie, Parts 1 and 2Brownstone7072
1977Moorish VanguardSitting in the Sunshine of Your Love, Part 1/Sitting in the Sunshine of Your Love, Part 2PolydorPD14427
1977The J.B.'sMusic for the People/CrossoverPolydorPD14396
1977JB's InternationalNature, Parts 1 and 2Brownstone7073
1978Martha and the LazersSpank Georgia Disco, Part 1/Spank Georgia Disco, Part 2PolydorPD14498
1978JB's InternationalDisco Fever, Parts 1 and 2PolydorPD?
1979The JB'sJust Wanna Make You Dance/Rock Groove MachineDriveDRIX-6282
1979The JB's Rock Groove Machine, Parts 1 and 2DriveDr6277
1979Martha HighShowdown / He's My Ding Dong ManSalsoulSG317
1979Martha HighHe's My Ding Dong Man/WallflowerSalsoulSG306
?The IdentitiesWhen You Find Love Slipping Away/Body MovesTogether1410
?Mayor Ronnie ThompsonHelp Keep Our City Clean/DowntownStarday45-914
?Mayor Ronnie ThompsonGod bless America/This is Our LandStarday45-982