James Brown singles discography.

YearA side/B sideLabelCat. #
1956Please Please Please/Why Do You Do Me?FederalF12258
1956I Don't Know/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming OnFederalF12264
1956No, No, No, No/Hold My Baby's HandFederalF12277
1956Just Won't Do Right/Let's Make ItFederalF12289
1957Chonnie-on-Chon/I Won't Plead No MoreFederalF12289
1957Can't Be the Same/ Gonna TryFederalF12282
1957Love or a Game/Messing With the BluesFederalF12295
1957You're Mine, You're Mine/I Walked AloneFederalF12300
1957That Dood It/Baby Cries Over the OceanFederalF12311
1958Begging, Begging/That's When I Lost My HeartFederalF12316
1958Try Me/Tell Me What I Did WrongFederalF12337
1959I Want You So Bad/There Must Be a ReasonFederalF12348
1959I've Got to Change/It Hurts to Tell YouFederalF12352
1959Good Good Lovin'/Don't Let It Happen to MeFederalF12361
1959Got to Cry/It Was YouFederalF12364
1960I'll Go Crazy/I Know It's TrueFederalF12369
1960Think/You've Got the PowerFederalF12370
1960This Old Heart/Wonder When You're Coming HomeFederalF12378
1960The Bells/And I Do Just What I WantKingK5423
1961Hold It (Instrumental)/The Scratch (Instrumental)KingK5438
1961Bewildered/If You Want MeKingK5442
1961I Don't Mind/Love Don't Love NobodyKingK5466
1961Suds (Instrumental)/Sticky (Instrumental)KingK5485
1961Cross Firing (Instrumental)/Night Flying (Instrumental)KingK5519
1961Baby, You're Right/I'll Never, Never Let You GoKingK5524
1961I Love You, Yes I Do/Just You and Me, DarlingKingK5547
1961Lost Someone/Cross Firing (Instrumental)KingK5573
1962Night Train/Why Does Everything Happen to Me?KingK5614
1962Shout and Shimmy/Come Over HereKingK5657
1962Mashed Potatoes U.S.A./You Don't Have to GoKingK5672
1962I've Got Money/Three Hearts in a TangleKingK5701
1963Every Beat of My Heart (Instrumental)/Like a BabyKingK5710
1963Prisoner of Love/Choo-Choo (Locomotion) (Instrumental)KingK5739
1963These Foolish Things/(Can You) Feel It, Part 1 (Instrumental)KingK5767
1963Signed Sealed and Delivered/Waiting in VainKingK5803
1963I''ve Got to Change/The BellsKingK5829
1964Oh Baby Don't You Weep, Part 1/Oh Baby Don't You Weep, Part 2KingK5842
1964Please Please Please (w crowd)/In The We Wee Hours (Of the Nite)KingK5853
1964Caldonia/Evil (Instrumental)SmashS1898
1964Again/How Long Darling?KingK5876
1964So Long/Dancin' Little ThingKingK5899
1964The Things I Used to Do/Out of the BlueSmashS1908
1964Out of Sight/Maybe the Last TimeSmashS1919
1964Tell Me What You're Gonna Do/I Don't CareKingK5922
1964Think/Try MeKingK5952
1964Fine Old Foxy Self/Medley: Found Someone, Why Do You Do me?, I Want You So Bad (Live)KingK5956
1964Have Mercy, Baby/Just Won't Do RightKingK5968
1965Devil's Hideaway (Instrumental)/Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Instrumental)SmashS1975
1965I Got You/Only You Smash - UNISSUEDS1989
1965This Old Heart/It Was youKingK5995
1965Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, Part 1/Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, Part 2KingK5999
1965Try Me (Instrumental)/Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Instrumental)SmashS2008
1965I Got You (I Feel Good)/I Can't Help It (I Just Do-Do-Do)KingK6015
1966Lost Someone (Live)/I'll Go Crazy (Live)KingK6020
1966Ain't That a Groove, Part 1/Ain't That a Groove, Part 2KingK6025
1966Prisoner of Love/I've Got to ChangeKingK6029
1966New Breed, Part 1 (Instrumental)/New Breed, Part 2 (Instrumental)SmashS2028
1966Come Over Here/Tell Me What You're Gonna DoKingK6032
1966It's a Man's Man's Man's World/Is It Yes or Is It No?KingK6035
1966Just Won't Do Right/I've Got MoneyKingK6037
1966James Brown's Boo-Ga-Loo (Instrumental)/Lost in a Mood of Changes (Instrumental)SmashS2042
1966It Was You/I Don't CareKingK6040
1966This Old Heart/How Long Darling?KingK6044
1966Money Won't Change You, Part 1/Money Won't Change You, Part 1KingK6048
1966Don't Be a Drop-Out/Tell Me That You Love MeKingKK6056
1966The Christmas Song (Version 1)/The Christmas Song (Version 2)KingK6064
1966Sweet Little Baby Boy, Part 1/Sweet Little Baby Boy, Part 2KingK6065
1966Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year, Part 1/Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year, Part 2KingK6072
1967Bring It Up/Nobody KnowsKingK6071
1967Let's Go Get Stoned (Instrumental)/Our Day Will Come (Instrumental)SmashS2064
1967Let Yourself Go/Stone Fox (Instrumental)King
1967Kansas City/Stone Fox (Instrumental)KingK6086
1967Think, with Vicki Anderson/Nobody Cares, Vicki Anderson onlyKingK6091
1967Let Yourself Go/Good Rockin' TonightKingK6100
1967Jimmy Mack (Instrumental)/What Do You Like (Instrumental)SmashS2093
1967I Loves You, Porgy/Yours and Mine (Instrumental)BethlehemB3089
1967Cold Sweat, Part 1/Cold Sweat, Part 2KingK6110
1967It Won't Be Me/Mona LisaDeltaD3235
1967It Won't Be Me/Mona LisaKingK6111 - UNISSUED
1967Get It Together, Part 1/Get It Together, Part 2KingK6133
1967Funky Soul - No.1/The Soul of JB (Instrumental)KingK6133
1967I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)/There Was a Time (Live)KingK6144
1968You've Got to Change Your Mined, with Bobby Byrd/I'll Lost My Mind, Bobby Byrd onlyKingK6151
1968You've Got the Power, with Vicki Anderson/What the World Needs Now is Love, Vicki Anderson OnlyKingK6152
1968I Got the Feelin'/If I Ruled the WorldKingK6155
1968Maybe Good, Maybe Bad (Part 1)/Maybe Good, Maybe Bad (Part 2)KingK6159
1968Shhhhhhhh (For a Little While) (Instrumental)/Here I Go (Instrumental)KingK6164
1968Licking Stick, Part 1/Licking Stick, Part 2KingK6166
1968America is My Home, Part 1/America is My Home, Part 2KingK6112
1968I Guess I'll Have to Cry, Cry, Cry/Just Plain Funk (Instrumental)KingK6141
1968Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud, Part 1/Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud, Part 2KingK6187
1968I Love You/Maybe I'll UnderstandCold Power Axion/Colgate promo on KingK12737
1968Goodbye, My Love/Shades of BrownKingK6198
1968Santa Clause Go Straight to the Ghetto/You Know ItKingK6203
1968Tit for Tat (Ain't No Taking Back)/Believers Shall Enjoy (Instrumental)KingK6205
1968Let's Unite the Whole World at Christmas/In the Middle, Part 1 (Instrumental)KingK6205
1969Give It Up or Turnit a Loose/I'll Lose My MindKingK6213
1969"Steve Soul" A Talk with the News/Shades of Brown Part 2KingK6216
1969You've Got to Have a Job, with Marva Witney/I'm Tired, I'm Tired, I'm Tired, Marva Witney OnlyKingK6218
1969Soul Pride, Part 1 (Instrumental)/Soul Pride, Part 2 (Instrumental)KingK6222
1969You Got to Have a Mother for Me, Part 1/You Got to Have a Mother for Me, Part 2King UNRELEASEDK6223
1969I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing, Part 1/I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing, Part 2KingK6224
1969The Little Groove Maker, Me, Part 1/The Little Groove Maker, Me, Part 2King WITHDRAWNK6235
1969The Little Groove Maker, Me/I'm ShookKingK6235
1969The Popcorn (Instrumental)/The Chicken (Instrumental)KingK6240
1969Mother Popcorn, Part 1/Mother Popcorn, Part 2KingK6245
1969Let a Man Come in and Do the Popcorn, Part One/SometimeKingSK-13062
1969Lowdown Popcorn (Instrumental)/Top of the Stack (Instrumental) also Promo of Lowdown PopcornKingK6250
1969World, Part 1/World, Part 2KingK6258
1969Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn, Part 1/Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn, Part 2KingK6255
1969I'm Not Demanding, Part 1/I'm Not Demanding Part 2King UNRELEASEDK6273
1969Let a Man Come In and Do the Popcorn, Part 2/Gittin' a Little Hipper, Part 2 (Instrumental)KingK6275
1969It's Christmas Time, Part 1/It's Christmas Time, Part 2KingK6277
1970"Steve Soul" Soul President/Popcorn with a Feeling (Instrumental)FederalF12551
1970Ain't It Funky Now, Part 1 (Instrumental)/Ain't It Funky Now, Part 2 (Instrumental)KingK6280
1970Brother Rapp, Part 1/Brother Rapp, Part 2King WITHDRAWNK6285
1970Funky Drummer, Part 1 (Instrumental)/Funky Drummer, Part 2 (Instrumental)KingK6290
1970It's a New Day, Part 1/Georgia On My MindKingK6292
1970Let It Be Me, with Vicki Anderson/ Baby Don't You Know, Vicki Anderson onlyKingK6293
1970Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing, Part 1/Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing, Part 2KingK6300
1970Brother Rapp, Parts 1 and 2/BewilderedKingK6310
1970Get Up, I Feel Like Being Like a Sex Machine, Part 1/Get Up, I Feel Like Being Like a Sex Machine, Part 2KingK6318
1970A Man Has to Go Back to the Crossroads/The Drunk (Instrumental)BethlehemB3098
1970I'm Not Demanding, Part 1/I'm Not Demanding, Part 2King UNRELEASEDK6322
1970Super Bad, Parts 1 and 2/Super Bad, Part 3KingK6329
1970Hey, America/Hey, America (Instrumental)KingK6339
1970Santa Clause Is Definitely Here to Stay/Santa Clause Is Definitely Here to Stay (Instrumental)KingK6340
1970Get Up, Get Into It. and Get Involved, Part 1/Get Up, Get Into It. and Get Involved, Part 2KingK6347
1971Spinning Wheel, Part 1 (Instrumental)/Spinning Wheel, Part 2 (Instrumental)KingK6366
1971Soul Power, Part 1/Soul Power, Part 2 and Part 3KingK6368
1971I Cried/World, Part 2KingK6363
1971Escape-ism, Part 1/Escape-ism, Parts 2 and 3PeopleP2500
1971Hot Pants, Part 1/Hot Pants, Parts 2 and 3 also Promo releasePeopleP2501
1971Make It Funky, Part 1/Make It Funky, Part 2PolydorPD14088
1971My Part - Make It Funky - Part 3/Make It Funky, Part 4PolydorPD14098
1971I'm a Greedy Man, Part 1/I'm a Greedy Man, Part 2PolydorPD14100
1972Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing, Part 1/Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing, Part 2PolydorPD14109
1972King Heroin/Theme from King Heroin (Instrumental)PolydorPD14116
1972It's a Man's Man's Man's World (Reissue)/Mother Popcorn (ReissuePolydor Soul ClassicsSC501
1972Cold Sweat (Reissue)/Night Train (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC502
1972Sex Machine (Reissue)/The Popcorn (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC503
1972Think (Reissue)/Licking Stick (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC504
1972Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Reissue)/I Got the Feelin' (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC505
1972I Got You (I Feel Good) (Reissue)/I Can't Stand Myself (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC506
1972Try Me (Reissue)/Money Won't Change You (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC507
1972Super Bad (Reissue)/Ain't It Funky Now (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC508
1972Give It Up or Turnit a Loose (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC509
1972Hot Pants (Reissue)/Out of Sight (Reissue)Polydor Soul ClassicsSC510
1972There It Is, Part 1/There It Is, Part 2PolydorPD14125
1972Honky Tonk, Part 1/Honky Tonk, Part 2PolydorPD14129
1972Get on the Good Foot, Part 1/Get On the Good Foot, Part 2PolydorPD14139
1972Interview and There It Is/Elton John and RocketmanWhat's It All About Records
1972I Got a Bag of My Own/Public Enemy No. 1, Part 1PolydorPD14153
1972I Got a Bag of My Own/I Know It's TruePolydorPD14155
1972What My Baby Needs Now, with Lyn Collins/This Guy's (Girl's) in Love With YouPolydorPD14157
1972Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto/Sweet Little Baby BoyPolydorPD14161
1973I Got Ants in My Pants, Part 1/I Got Ants in My Pants, Parts 15 and 16PolydorPD14162
1973Down and Out in New York City/Mama's DeadPolydorPD141168
1973The Boss/Like It Is, Like It WasPolydor UNRELEASEDPD14169
1973Think /SomethingPolydorPD14177
1973Think (Alternate version)/SomethingPolydorPD14185
1973Woman, Part 1/Woman, Part 2Polydor UNRELEASEDPD14193
1973Sexy, Sexy, Sexy/Slaughter ThemePolydorPD14194
1973Let It Be Me, with Lyn Collins/It's All RightPolydor UNRELEASEDPD14199
1973Stone to the Bone, Part 1/Stone to the Bone, Part 2PolydorPD14210
1974The Payback, Part 1/The Payback, Part 2PolydorPD14223
1974My Thang/Public Enemy No. 1, Part 1PolydorPD14224
1974Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 1/Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 2PolydorPD14255
1974Funky President (People It's Bad)/Cold BloodedPolydorPD14258
1975Reality/I Need Your Love So BadPolydorPD14268
1975Sex Machine, Part 1/Sex Machine, Part 2PolydorPD14270
1975Dead On It, Part I/Dead On It, Part IIPolydorPD14279
1975Hustle!!! (Dead on It)/Dead On It, Part 2PolydorPD14281
1975Superbad, Superslick, Part I/Superbad, Superslick, Part IIPolydorPD14295
1975Hot (I Need to Be Loved, Loved, Loved)/Superbad, Superslick, Part 1PolydorPD14301
1976Dooley's Junkyard Dogs (Long Version)/Dooley's Junkyard Dogs (Short Version)PolydorPD14303
1976(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons/Goodnight My LovePolydorPD14304
1976Get Up Offa That Thing/Release the PressurePolydorPD14326
1976I Refuse to Lose/Home AgainPolydorPD14354
1976Body Heat, Part 1/Body Heat, Part 2PolydorPD14360
1977Kiss In 77/WomanPolydorPD14388
1977Give Me Some Skin/People Wake Up and LivePolydorPD14409
1977Take Me Higher and Groove Me/Summertime, with Martha HighPolydorPD14433
1977People Who Criticize/If You Don't Give a Doggone About ItPolydorPD14438
1978Love Me Tender/Have a Happy DayPolydorPD14460
1978Eyesight/I Never, Never, Never Will ForgetPolydorPD14465
1978Eyesight/The Spank PROMO 12"PolydorPRO 040
1978The Spank/Love Me TenderPolydorPD14487
1978Nature, Part 1/Nature, Part 2PolydorPD14512
1978For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes, Part 1/For Goodness Sakes, Look at Those Cakes, Part 2PolydorPD14522
1979Someone to Talk To, Part 1/Someone to Talk To, Part 2PolydorPD14540
1979It's Too Funky in Here/Are We Really DancingPolydorPD14557
1979Star Generation (long)/Star Generation (short)PolydorPRO 100
1979Star Generation/Women Are Something ElsePolydorPD2005
1979Let the Boogie Do the Rest/The Original Disco ManPolydorPD2034
1980Regrets/Stone Cold DragPolydorPD2054
1980Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses), Part 1 and 2TK RecordsTK1039
1980Get Up Offa That Thing (Live)/It's Too Funky in Here (Live)PolydorPD2129
1980Let the Funk Flow/Sometimes That's All There IsPolydorPD2078
1981Funky Men/Mashed PotatoesTK RecordsTK465
1981Stay With Me/Smokin' & Drinkin'TK RecordsTK1042
1981Give That Bass Player Some, Part 1/Give That Bass Player Some, Part 1Polydor PROMOPD2167
1981God Has Smiled On Me, with Reverend Al Sharpton and the Gospel Energies, Parts 1 and 2Royal KingRK7-900
1983Bring It On... Bring It On/The Night Time is the Right TimeAugusta SoundCAS9403223 7"/ CAS94500 12"
1983King of SoulBackstreet-
1984Unity, With Afrika Bambaataa, Parts 1, 2 and 2/Unity, Parts 3,4 and 6Tommy BoyTB847
1985Living in America/Farewell (Vince DiCola)Scotti BrothersZS4-05682
1985Living in America/Living in America (LP version
Scotti Brothers4Z9.05310 12"
1987House of Rock/How Do You Stop?Scotti BorthersZ54-06568