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One thought on “1970 King 45: Myra Barnes (Vicki Anderson) – Super Good Pt 1/Super Good Pt 2

  • Zasco

    I remember this single when I was in the 8th grade, a friend brought it to school…I immediately fell in love with it, I thought that Vicki Anderson (shown here under her real name, Myra Barnes) was one of the best singers ever!

    Of course, it would be years later before I was able to find a copy. In my part of the country, singles such as this were rarities even then, sadly, they received little to no airplay, but they certainly are AWESOME.

    I’ve seen promo items of this which have Myra’s (Vicki’s) picture on it, instead of the “James Brown Production” logo. This should’ve been on the charts as “Super Bad” was.