1971 Brownstone 45: Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants – I’m Coming, I’m Coming/Hang It Up

This single is available in this must have CD collection: Hot Pants! (The Amazing Bobby Byrd). It’s also available in this MP3 collection: I Know You Got Soul (Best Of) – Bobby Byrd.

Bobby Byrd is the unsung co-inventor of funk. He was there every step of the way. He directed and arranged the band sometimes. He played the organ on all the classic JB and JB artist hits. Check the live videos. He’s front and center with JB. All hail the crown prince of funk, Bobby Byrd. B..b..b..Bobby Byrd!!

Hot Pants – I’m Coming, I’m Coming is one of the all time funkiest jams ever created. Hang it Up a soul groover.









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